Old Poetry EP

by Miri

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released 25 July 2012

Thanks to Dan Powell for final mastering touches and to the CC for helping with marketing, etc.



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Track Name: Fuel
Hold it up higher
Breathing never stops.
Hold it up higher
Wish you'd never shot me down.

Shouldering you slammed against a wall
Two lovers drenched in bullets burning forests down
Trees that screamed out silent sounds
Fever tore my heart out of the body...
Twenty years ago you would have
Stayed to watch the sun-drenched wonders go

Throw away your precious wishes
Twelve on glitches in my system, oh

Hold it up higher
Dealing with the shock.
Hold it up higher
Wish you'd never shot me down.

Towering black smoke rose like the moon
Three children sitting
Waiting, watching, wishing they could
Find a way to trick the system
Falling through the leaves I saw a body...
Threads of song from dusty lungs
All premonitions rendered useless, go

Hold it up higher
Breathing never stops.
Hold it up higher
Wish you'd never shot me down.
Track Name: Summer Love
Well I know this sounds like it could be a summer song...
but it's not.
It could even be a happy little song about love...
but it's not.
'Cause it's freezing cold outside and all I wanna do is
hide in my covers
search for a warmer spot...
Where the snow will stop,
melt in to a pot,
stir it up stir it up boil some mac 'n cheese for me,
serve it up and we'll be
with good, good friends...
but I'm not.

There's a place I want to show you:
it's on the road to,
who knows what!
And if you put on some wings, then maybe you'll see
what I'm trying to tell you...
But probably not.

Oooh, it's a lot like this
and a bit like that,
and the sense that lingers on makes me want to take back
all those stupid nicknacks that I bought.
Picture frames and broken records,
squeaky foreign nesting dolls,
and a bag of bouncy balls,
gonna give it all to you
gonna give it give it up
up what I've got.

'Cause the cold's freezing my bones
and I want a cozy home
not here
not alone

And if you put on some snow shoes,
then maybe you'll go there too...
But I realize
that's asking a lot.